bindutils.h File Reference
#include <mysql.h>
#include <string>
#include <stdint.h>

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namespace  tntdb
namespace  tntdb::mysql
 This namespace contains the implementation of the Mysql driver for tntdb.


void tntdb::mysql::setNull (MYSQL_BIND &value)
void tntdb::mysql::setBool (MYSQL_BIND &value, bool data)
void tntdb::mysql::setShort (MYSQL_BIND &value, short data)
void tntdb::mysql::setInt (MYSQL_BIND &value, int data)
void tntdb::mysql::setLong (MYSQL_BIND &value, long data)
void tntdb::mysql::setUnsignedShort (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned short data)
void tntdb::mysql::setUnsigned (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned data)
void tntdb::mysql::setUnsignedLong (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long data)
void tntdb::mysql::setInt32 (MYSQL_BIND &value, int32_t data)
void tntdb::mysql::setUnsigned32 (MYSQL_BIND &value, uint32_t data)
void tntdb::mysql::setInt64 (MYSQL_BIND &value, int64_t data)
void tntdb::mysql::setUnsigned64 (MYSQL_BIND &value, uint64_t data)
void tntdb::mysql::setDecimal (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long &length, const Decimal &data)
void tntdb::mysql::setFloat (MYSQL_BIND &value, float data)
void tntdb::mysql::setDouble (MYSQL_BIND &value, double data)
void tntdb::mysql::setChar (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long &length, char data)
void tntdb::mysql::setString (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long &length, const char *data)
void tntdb::mysql::setString (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long &length, const std::string &data)
void tntdb::mysql::setBlob (MYSQL_BIND &value, unsigned long &length, const Blob &data)
void tntdb::mysql::setDate (MYSQL_BIND &value, const Date &data)
void tntdb::mysql::setTime (MYSQL_BIND &value, const Time &data)
void tntdb::mysql::setDatetime (MYSQL_BIND &value, const Datetime &data)
bool tntdb::mysql::isNull (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
bool tntdb::mysql::getBool (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
short tntdb::mysql::getShort (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
int tntdb::mysql::getInt (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
long tntdb::mysql::getLong (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
unsigned tntdb::mysql::getUnsigned (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
unsigned short tntdb::mysql::getUnsignedShort (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
unsigned long tntdb::mysql::getUnsignedLong (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
int32_t tntdb::mysql::getInt32 (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
uint32_t tntdb::mysql::getUnsigned32 (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
int64_t tntdb::mysql::getInt64 (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
uint64_t tntdb::mysql::getUnsigned64 (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
Decimal tntdb::mysql::getDecimal (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
float tntdb::mysql::getFloat (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
double tntdb::mysql::getDouble (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
char tntdb::mysql::getChar (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
void tntdb::mysql::getString (const MYSQL_BIND &value, std::string &ret)
void tntdb::mysql::getBlob (const MYSQL_BIND &value, Blob &ret)
Date tntdb::mysql::getDate (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
Time tntdb::mysql::getTime (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
Datetime tntdb::mysql::getDatetime (const MYSQL_BIND &value)
void tntdb::mysql::transferValue (MYSQL_BIND &fromValue, MYSQL_BIND &toValue, bool doRelease=true)
void tntdb::mysql::copyValue (const MYSQL_BIND &fromValue, MYSQL_BIND &toValue, bool doRelease=true)
void tntdb::mysql::refValue (const MYSQL_BIND &fromValue, MYSQL_BIND &toValue, bool doRelease=true)
void tntdb::mysql::releaseValue (MYSQL_BIND &value)
void tntdb::mysql::release (MYSQL_BIND &bind)
void tntdb::mysql::reserve (MYSQL_BIND &bind, unsigned long size)
void tntdb::mysql::reserveKeep (MYSQL_BIND &bind, unsigned long size)
template<typename c_type >
void tntdb::mysql::setValue (MYSQL_BIND &bind, c_type value, enum_field_types mysql_type)