cxxtools::Base64ostream Class Reference

Base64ostream is a base64-encoder. More...

#include <cxxtools/base64stream.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::Base64ostream:
cxxtools::BasicTextOStream< char, char > basic_ostream

Public Member Functions

 Base64ostream (std::ostream &out)
void end ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::BasicTextOStream< char, char >
 BasicTextOStream (StreamType &os, CodecType *codec)
 Construct by output stream and codec.
 BasicTextOStream (CodecType *codec)
 ~BasicTextOStream ()
 Deletes to codec.
void attach (StreamType &os)
void detach ()
void terminate ()
BasicTextBuffer< intern_type,
extern_type > & 
buffer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cxxtools::BasicTextOStream< char, char >
typedef char extern_type
typedef char intern_type
typedef char char_type
typedef std::char_traits< char > traits_type
typedef traits_type::int_type int_type
typedef traits_type::pos_type pos_type
typedef traits_type::off_type off_type
typedef std::basic_ostream
< extern_type
typedef TextCodec< char_type,

Detailed Description

Base64ostream is a base64-encoder.

To base64-encode, instantiate a Base64ostream with an outputstream. Write the data to encode into the stream. Base64ostream writes the base64-encoded data to the outputstream. When ready call terminate() to pad and flush. The stream is also padded and flushed in the destructor, when there are characters left.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cxxtools::Base64ostream::Base64ostream ( std::ostream &  out)

Member Function Documentation

void cxxtools::Base64ostream::end ( )

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