cxxtools::CharMapCodec Class Reference

The codec translates between one byte char and unicode char using a translation map. More...

#include <cxxtools/charmapcodec.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::CharMapCodec:
cxxtools::TextCodec< Char, char > std::codecvt< Char, char, cxxtools::MBState > std::codecvt_base cxxtools::Iso8859_10Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_11Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_13Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_14Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_15Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_16Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_1Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_2Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_3Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_4Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_5Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_6Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_7Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_8Codec cxxtools::Iso8859_9Codec

Public Member Functions

 CharMapCodec (const CharMap &charMap, size_t ref=0)
virtual ~CharMapCodec ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::TextCodec< Char, char >
 TextCodec (size_t ref=0)
 Constructs a new TextCodec object.
virtual ~TextCodec ()
 Empty desctructor.
size_t refs () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from std::codecvt< Char, char, cxxtools::MBState >
 codecvt (size_t ref=0)
virtual ~codecvt ()
codecvt_base::result out (StateT &state, const InternT *from, const InternT *from_end, const InternT *&from_next, ExternT *to, ExternT *to_end, ExternT *&to_next) const
codecvt_base::result unshift (StateT &state, ExternT *to, ExternT *to_end, ExternT *&to_next) const
codecvt_base::result in (StateT &state, const ExternT *from, const ExternT *from_end, const ExternT *&from_next, InternT *to, InternT *to_end, InternT *&to_next) const
int encoding () const
bool always_noconv () const
int length (StateT &state, const ExternT *from, const ExternT *end, size_t max) const
int max_length () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from std::codecvt_base
virtual ~codecvt_base ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual result do_in (MBState &s, const char *fromBegin, const char *fromEnd, const char *&fromNext, Char *toBegin, Char *toEnd, Char *&toNext) const
virtual result do_out (MBState &s, const Char *fromBegin, const Char *fromEnd, const Char *&fromNext, char *toBegin, char *toEnd, char *&toNext) const
std::codecvt_base::result do_unshift (cxxtools::MBState &, char *, char *, char *&) const
bool do_always_noconv () const throw ()
int do_length (MBState &s, const char *fromBegin, const char *fromEnd, size_t max) const
int do_encoding () const throw ()
int do_max_length () const throw ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cxxtools::TextCodec< Char, char >
typedef Char InternT
typedef char ExternT

Detailed Description

The codec translates between one byte char and unicode char using a translation map.

The class is the base class for all ISO-8859-x codecs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cxxtools::CharMapCodec::CharMapCodec ( const CharMap &  charMap,
size_t  ref = 0 
virtual cxxtools::CharMapCodec::~CharMapCodec ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_always_noconv ( ) const throw ()
int cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_encoding ( ) const throw ()
virtual result cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_in ( MBState &  s,
const char *  fromBegin,
const char *  fromEnd,
const char *&  fromNext,
Char toBegin,
Char toEnd,
Char *&  toNext 
) const
int cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_length ( MBState &  s,
const char *  fromBegin,
const char *  fromEnd,
size_t  max 
) const
int cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_max_length ( ) const throw ()
virtual result cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_out ( MBState &  s,
const Char fromBegin,
const Char fromEnd,
const Char *&  fromNext,
char *  toBegin,
char *  toEnd,
char *&  toNext 
) const
std::codecvt_base::result cxxtools::CharMapCodec::do_unshift ( cxxtools::MBState &  ,
char *  ,
char *  ,
char *&   
) const

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