tnt::EcppSubComponent Class Reference

#include <tnt/ecpp.h>

Inheritance diagram for tnt::EcppSubComponent:
tnt::EcppComponent tnt::Component

Public Member Functions

 EcppSubComponent (EcppComponent &p, const std::string &name)
virtual void drop ()
Subcompident getCompident () const
EcppComponentgetMainComponent () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tnt::EcppComponent
 EcppComponent (const Compident &ci, const Urlmapper &um, Comploader &cl)
EcppSubComponentfetchSubComp (const std::string &sub) const
template<typename parameter1_type , typename parameter2_type >
unsigned callSubComp (const std::string &sub, HttpRequest &request, parameter1_type &p1, parameter2_type &p2) const
 helper-methods for calling subcomponents
template<typename parameter1_type >
unsigned callSubComp (const std::string &sub, HttpRequest &request, parameter1_type &p1) const
template<typename parameter1_type >
std::string scallSubComp (const std::string &sub, HttpRequest &request, parameter1_type &p1) const
 helper-methods for fetching contents of subcomponents
- Public Member Functions inherited from tnt::Component
virtual ~Component ()
virtual void configure (const tnt::TntConfig &)
virtual unsigned topCall (HttpRequest &, HttpReply &, tnt::QueryParams &)
virtual unsigned operator() (HttpRequest &, HttpReply &, tnt::QueryParams &)
virtual unsigned endTag (HttpRequest &, HttpReply &, tnt::QueryParams &)
virtual std::string getAttribute (const std::string &name, const std::string &def=std::string()) const
 Get the value of the given attribute, or def if the attribute is unset.
unsigned call (HttpRequest &request, HttpReply &reply, tnt::QueryParams &qparam)
 Component call - sometimes more readable than operator()
unsigned call (HttpRequest &, HttpReply &)
 Call component without parameters.
std::string scall (HttpRequest &, tnt::QueryParams &)
 Get output as a string rather than outputting to stream.
std::string scall (HttpRequest &)
 Get output as a string rather than outputting to stream without query-parameters.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from tnt::EcppComponent
virtual ~EcppComponent ()
void registerSubComp (const std::string &name, EcppSubComponent *comp)
ComponentfetchComp (const std::string &url) const
ComponentfetchComp (const Compident &ci) const
ComponentfetchComp (const Subcompident &ci) const
ComponentcreateComp (const Compident &ci) const
ComponentcreateComp (const std::string &url) const
template<typename compident_type , typename parameter1_type , typename parameter2_type >
unsigned callComp (const compident_type &ci, HttpRequest &request, parameter1_type &p1, parameter2_type &p2)
 helper-methods for calling components
template<typename compident_type , typename parameter_type >
unsigned callComp (const compident_type &ci, HttpRequest &request, parameter_type &p1)
template<typename compident_type >
unsigned callComp (const compident_type &ci, HttpRequest &request)
template<typename compident_type , typename parameter1_type >
std::string scallComp (const compident_type &ci, HttpRequest &request, parameter1_type &p1)
 helper-methods for fetching contents of components
template<typename compident_type >
std::string scallComp (const compident_type &ci, HttpRequest &request)
const char * getData (const HttpRequest &request, const char *def) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tnt::EcppSubComponent::EcppSubComponent ( EcppComponent p,
const std::string &  name 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tnt::EcppSubComponent::drop ( )
Subcompident tnt::EcppSubComponent::getCompident ( ) const

Reimplemented from tnt::EcppComponent.

EcppComponent& tnt::EcppSubComponent::getMainComponent ( ) const

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