tntdb::IResult Class Reference

common inteface for resultset More...

#include <tntdb/iface/iresult.h>

Inheritance diagram for tntdb::IResult:
cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted tntdb::mysql::Result tntdb::mysql::RowContainer tntdb::oracle::Result tntdb::postgresql::Result tntdb::ResultImpl

Public Types

typedef unsigned size_type
typedef Row value_type

Public Member Functions

virtual Row getRow (size_type tup_num) const =0
virtual size_type size () const =0
virtual size_type getFieldCount () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted
 SimpleRefCounted ()
 SimpleRefCounted (unsigned refs_)
virtual ~SimpleRefCounted ()
virtual unsigned addRef ()
virtual unsigned release ()
unsigned refs () const

Detailed Description

common inteface for resultset

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned tntdb::IResult::size_type

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_type tntdb::IResult::getFieldCount ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual Row tntdb::IResult::getRow ( size_type  tup_num) const
pure virtual
virtual size_type tntdb::IResult::size ( ) const
pure virtual

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