tntdb::mysql::BoundRow Class Reference

#include <tntdb/mysql/impl/boundrow.h>

Inheritance diagram for tntdb::mysql::BoundRow:
tntdb::IRow tntdb::mysql::BindValues cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted

Public Member Functions

 BoundRow (unsigned n)
size_type size () const
Value getValueByNumber (size_type field_num) const
Value getValueByName (const std::string &field_name) const
std::string getColumnName (size_type field_num) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tntdb::mysql::BindValues
 BindValues (unsigned n)
 BindValues ()
 ~BindValues ()
MYSQL_BIND * getMysqlBind () const
void setSize (unsigned n)
unsigned getSize () const
void setNull (unsigned n)
void setBool (unsigned n, bool data)
void setShort (unsigned n, short data)
void setInt (unsigned n, int data)
void setLong (unsigned n, int data)
void setUnsignedShort (unsigned n, unsigned short data)
void setUnsigned (unsigned n, unsigned data)
void setUnsignedLong (unsigned n, unsigned data)
void setInt32 (unsigned n, int32_t data)
void setUnsigned32 (unsigned n, uint32_t data)
void setInt64 (unsigned n, int64_t data)
void setUnsigned64 (unsigned n, uint64_t data)
void setDecimal (unsigned n, const Decimal &data)
void setFloat (unsigned n, float data)
void setDouble (unsigned n, double data)
void setChar (unsigned n, char data)
void setString (unsigned n, const char *data)
void setString (unsigned n, const std::string &data)
void setBlob (unsigned n, const Blob &data)
void setDate (unsigned n, const Date &data)
void setTime (unsigned n, const Time &data)
void setDatetime (unsigned n, const Datetime &data)
bool isNull (unsigned n) const
bool getBool (unsigned n) const
int getInt (unsigned n) const
unsigned getUnsigned (unsigned n) const
int32_t getInt32 (unsigned n) const
uint32_t getUnsigned32 (unsigned n) const
int64_t getInt64 (unsigned n) const
uint64_t getUnsigned64 (unsigned n) const
Decimal getDecimal (unsigned n) const
long getLong (unsigned n) const
float getFloat (unsigned n) const
double getDouble (unsigned n) const
char getChar (unsigned n) const
void getString (unsigned n, std::string &ret) const
const std::string & getName (unsigned n) const
void initOutBuffer (unsigned n, MYSQL_FIELD &f)
void clear ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from tntdb::IRow
typedef unsigned size_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tntdb::mysql::BoundRow::BoundRow ( unsigned  n)

Member Function Documentation

std::string tntdb::mysql::BoundRow::getColumnName ( size_type  field_num) const

Implements tntdb::IRow.

Value tntdb::mysql::BoundRow::getValueByName ( const std::string &  field_name) const

Implements tntdb::IRow.

Value tntdb::mysql::BoundRow::getValueByNumber ( size_type  field_num) const

Implements tntdb::IRow.

size_type tntdb::mysql::BoundRow::size ( ) const

Implements tntdb::IRow.

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