tntdb::oracle::MultiRow Class Reference

#include <tntdb/oracle/multirow.h>

Inheritance diagram for tntdb::oracle::MultiRow:

Public Types

typedef cxxtools::SmartPtr
< MultiRow

Public Member Functions

 MultiRow (Statement *stmt, unsigned rowcount)
 MultiRow (Statement *stmt, unsigned rowcount, unsigned columncount)
unsigned size () const
MultiValue::Ptr getValuesByNumber (unsigned field_num) const
MultiValue::Ptr getValuesByName (const std::string &field_name) const
Columns::size_type getColIndexByName (const std::string &field_name) const
std::string getColumnName (unsigned field_num) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted
 SimpleRefCounted ()
 SimpleRefCounted (unsigned refs_)
virtual ~SimpleRefCounted ()
virtual unsigned addRef ()
virtual unsigned release ()
unsigned refs () const

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::MultiRow ( Statement stmt,
unsigned  rowcount 
tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::MultiRow ( Statement stmt,
unsigned  rowcount,
unsigned  columncount 

Member Function Documentation

Columns::size_type tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::getColIndexByName ( const std::string &  field_name) const
std::string tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::getColumnName ( unsigned  field_num) const
MultiValue::Ptr tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::getValuesByName ( const std::string &  field_name) const
MultiValue::Ptr tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::getValuesByNumber ( unsigned  field_num) const
unsigned tntdb::oracle::MultiRow::size ( ) const

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