tntdb::oracle::MultiValue Class Reference

#include <tntdb/oracle/multivalue.h>

Inheritance diagram for tntdb::oracle::MultiValue:

Public Types

typedef cxxtools::SmartPtr
< MultiValue

Public Member Functions

 MultiValue (Statement *stmt, OCIParam *paramp_, ub4 pos, unsigned n)
 MultiValue (Statement *stmt, ub4 pos, unsigned n)
 ~MultiValue ()
unsigned size () const
bool isNull (unsigned n) const
bool getBool (unsigned n) const
short getShort (unsigned n) const
int getInt (unsigned n) const
long getLong (unsigned n) const
unsigned short getUnsignedShort (unsigned n) const
unsigned getUnsigned (unsigned n) const
unsigned long getUnsignedLong (unsigned n) const
int32_t getInt32 (unsigned n) const
uint32_t getUnsigned32 (unsigned n) const
int64_t getInt64 (unsigned n) const
uint64_t getUnsigned64 (unsigned n) const
Decimal getDecimal (unsigned n) const
float getFloat (unsigned n) const
double getDouble (unsigned n) const
char getChar (unsigned n) const
void getString (unsigned n, std::string &ret) const
void getBlob (unsigned n, tntdb::Blob &ret) const
Date getDate (unsigned n) const
Time getTime (unsigned n) const
tntdb::Datetime getDatetime (unsigned n) const
const std::string & getColumnName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted
 SimpleRefCounted ()
 SimpleRefCounted (unsigned refs_)
virtual ~SimpleRefCounted ()
virtual unsigned addRef ()
virtual unsigned release ()
unsigned refs () const

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::MultiValue ( Statement stmt,
OCIParam *  paramp_,
ub4  pos,
unsigned  n 
tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::MultiValue ( Statement stmt,
ub4  pos,
unsigned  n 
tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::~MultiValue ( )

Member Function Documentation

void tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getBlob ( unsigned  n,
tntdb::Blob ret 
) const
bool tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getBool ( unsigned  n) const
char tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getChar ( unsigned  n) const
const std::string& tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getColumnName ( ) const
Date tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getDate ( unsigned  n) const
tntdb::Datetime tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getDatetime ( unsigned  n) const
Decimal tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getDecimal ( unsigned  n) const
double tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getDouble ( unsigned  n) const
float tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getFloat ( unsigned  n) const
int tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getInt ( unsigned  n) const
int32_t tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getInt32 ( unsigned  n) const
int64_t tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getInt64 ( unsigned  n) const
long tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getLong ( unsigned  n) const
short tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getShort ( unsigned  n) const
void tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getString ( unsigned  n,
std::string &  ret 
) const
Time tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getTime ( unsigned  n) const
unsigned tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getUnsigned ( unsigned  n) const
uint32_t tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getUnsigned32 ( unsigned  n) const
uint64_t tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getUnsigned64 ( unsigned  n) const
unsigned long tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getUnsignedLong ( unsigned  n) const
unsigned short tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::getUnsignedShort ( unsigned  n) const
bool tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::isNull ( unsigned  n) const
unsigned tntdb::oracle::MultiValue::size ( ) const

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