tntdb::postgresql::Cursor Class Reference

#include <tntdb/postgresql/impl/cursor.h>

Inheritance diagram for tntdb::postgresql::Cursor:
tntdb::ICursor cxxtools::SimpleRefCounted

Public Member Functions

 Cursor (Statement *statement, unsigned fetchSize)
 ~Cursor ()
Row fetch ()
PGconn * getPGConn ()
void setFetchSize (unsigned fs)
 Data is fetched in blocks.
unsigned getFetchSize () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::Cursor ( Statement statement,
unsigned  fetchSize 
tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::~Cursor ( )

Member Function Documentation

Row tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::fetch ( )

Implements tntdb::ICursor.

unsigned tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::getFetchSize ( ) const
PGconn* tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::getPGConn ( )
void tntdb::postgresql::Cursor::setFetchSize ( unsigned  fs)

Data is fetched in blocks.

The fetchsize specifies, how many blocks are fetched at once. This is fully transparent to the user, so there is normally no need to change the default value, which is 100.

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