cxxtools::unit::RegisterTest< TestT > Struct Template Reference

Registers tests to an application. More...

#include <cxxtools/unit/registertest.h>

Public Member Functions

 RegisterTest ()

Detailed Description

template<class TestT>
struct cxxtools::unit::RegisterTest< TestT >

Registers tests to an application.

TestTThe type of test to registerTests can be registered easily with the RegisterTest<> class template to an Unit::Application at program initialisation. A typical example looks like this:
class MyTest : public Unit::TestCase
{ ... };
RegisterTest<MyTest> _registerMyTest;

The constructor of the RegisterTest class template will register an instance of its template parameter to the application.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class TestT >
cxxtools::unit::RegisterTest< TestT >::RegisterTest ( )

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