date.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <cxxtools/timespan.h>
#include <tntdb/statement.h>
#include <tntdb/value.h>
#include <cxxtools/date.h>

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class  cxxtools::InvalidDate
class  cxxtools::Date
 Date expressed in year, month, and day More...


namespace  cxxtools
namespace  tntdb


void cxxtools::greg2jul (unsigned &jd, int y, int m, int d)
void cxxtools::jul2greg (unsigned jd, int &y, int &m, int &d)
void cxxtools::operator>>= (const SerializationInfo &si, Date &date)
void cxxtools::operator<<= (SerializationInfo &si, const Date &date)
Date cxxtools::operator+ (const Date &d, int days)
Date cxxtools::operator+ (int days, const Date &d)
Days cxxtools::operator- (const Date &a, const Date &b)
void tntdb::operator<< (Hostvar &hostvar, const cxxtools::Date &dt)
 This operator can be used to pass a cxxtools::Date object to the database.
bool tntdb::operator>> (const Value &value, cxxtools::Date &out)
 This operator can be used to retrieve a cxxtools::Date object from the database.