xml.h File Reference
#include <cxxtools/xml/xmlserializer.h>
#include <cxxtools/xml/xmldeserializer.h>
#include <iostream>

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class  cxxtools::xml::XmlOObject< ObjectType >
 Wrapper object to easily print serializable objects as xml to a output stream. More...
class  cxxtools::xml::XmlIObject< ObjectType >
 Wrapper object to easily read objects as xml from a input stream. More...


namespace  cxxtools
namespace  cxxtools::xml


template<typename CharType , typename ObjectType >
std::basic_ostream< CharType > & cxxtools::xml::operator<< (std::basic_ostream< CharType > &out, const XmlOObject< ObjectType > &object)
 The output operator for XmlOObject. It does the actual work.
template<typename ObjectType >
XmlOObject< ObjectType > cxxtools::xml::Xml (const ObjectType &object, const std::string &name, bool beautify=false, bool useAttributes=true)
 Function, which creates a XmlOObject.
template<typename CharType , typename ObjectType >
std::basic_istream< CharType > & cxxtools::xml::operator>> (std::basic_istream< CharType > &in, XmlIObject< ObjectType > object)
 The input operator for XmlIObject.
template<typename ObjectType >
XmlIObject< ObjectType > cxxtools::xml::Xml (ObjectType &object)
 Creates a XmlIObject with a reference to a deserializable object.