cxxtools::Arg< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cxxtools::Arg< T >, including all inherited members.

Arg(const T &def=T())cxxtools::Arg< T >inlineexplicit
Arg(int &argc, char *argv[], char ch, const T &def=T())cxxtools::Arg< T >inline
Arg(int &argc, char *argv[], const char *str, const T &def=T())cxxtools::Arg< T >inline
Arg(int &argc, char *argv[])cxxtools::Arg< T >inline
ArgBaseT(const T &def)cxxtools::ArgBaseT< T >inlineexplicitprotected
extract(const char *str, int &argc, char *argv[], int i, int n)cxxtools::ArgBaseT< T >inlineprotected
getValue() const cxxtools::ArgBaseT< T >inline
isSet() const cxxtools::ArgBaseinline
operator T() const cxxtools::ArgBaseT< T >inline
operator=(const T &value)cxxtools::ArgBaseT< T >inline
removeArg(int &argc, char *argv[], int pos, int n)cxxtools::ArgBaseinlineprotectedstatic
set(int &argc, char *argv[], char ch)cxxtools::Arg< T >inline
set(int &argc, char *argv[], const char *str)cxxtools::Arg< T >inline
set(int &argc, char *argv[])cxxtools::Arg< T >inline