cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string > Class Template Reference

#include <cxxtools/arg.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >:

Public Member Functions

const std::string & getValue () const
 returns the extracted value.
 operator const std::string & () const
 class is convertible to "const std::string&"
ArgBaseT< std::string > & operator= (const std::string &value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::ArgBase
 ArgBase ()
bool isSet () const
 returns true if the option was found and the default value was not used

Protected Member Functions

 ArgBaseT (const std::string &def)
bool extract (const char *str, int &argc, char *argv[], int i, int n)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::ArgBase
static void removeArg (int &argc, char *argv[], int pos, int n)
- Protected Attributes inherited from cxxtools::ArgBase
bool m_isset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >::ArgBaseT ( const std::string &  def)

Member Function Documentation

bool cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >::extract ( const char *  str,
int &  argc,
char *  argv[],
int  i,
int  n 
const std::string& cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >::getValue ( ) const

returns the extracted value.

cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >::operator const std::string & ( ) const

class is convertible to "const std::string&"

ArgBaseT<std::string>& cxxtools::ArgBaseT< std::string >::operator= ( const std::string &  value)

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