cxxtools::TextIStream Class Reference

Text Input Stream for Character conversion. More...

#include <cxxtools/textstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::TextIStream:
cxxtools::BasicTextIStream< Char, char > basic_istream

Public Types

typedef TextCodec
< cxxtools::Char, char > 
- Public Types inherited from cxxtools::BasicTextIStream< Char, char >
typedef char extern_type
typedef Char intern_type
typedef Char char_type
typedef std::char_traits< Chartraits_type
typedef traits_type::int_type int_type
typedef traits_type::pos_type pos_type
typedef traits_type::off_type off_type
typedef std::basic_istream
< extern_type
typedef TextCodec< char_type,

Public Member Functions

 TextIStream (std::istream &is, Codec *codec)
 TextIStream (Codec *codec)
 ~TextIStream ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::BasicTextIStream< Char, char >
 BasicTextIStream (StreamType &is, CodecType *codec)
 Construct by input stream and codec.
 BasicTextIStream (CodecType *codec)
 ~BasicTextIStream ()
 Deletes to codec.
void attach (StreamType &is)
void detach ()
void terminate ()
BasicTextBuffer< intern_type,
extern_type > & 
buffer ()

Detailed Description

Text Input Stream for Character conversion.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cxxtools::TextIStream::TextIStream ( std::istream &  is,
Codec codec 


The stream will read bytes from is and use the codec codec for character conversion. The codec will be destroyed by the buffer of this stream if the codec was constructed with a refcount of 0.

cxxtools::TextIStream::TextIStream ( Codec codec)
cxxtools::TextIStream::~TextIStream ( )

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