cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase Class Reference

#include <cxxtools/http/service.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase:
cxxtools::http::Service cxxtools::http::CachedService< ResponderType >

Public Member Functions

 ~CachedServiceBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::http::Service
 Service ()
virtual ~Service ()
ResponderdoCreateResponder (const Request &)
void doReleaseResponder (Responder *)
bool checkAuth (const Request &request)
void setRealm (const std::string &realm, const std::string &content=std::string())
const std::string & realm () const
const std::string & authContent () const
void addAuthenticator (const Authenticator *auth)
void waitIdle ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual RespondernewResponder ()=0
RespondercreateResponder (const Request &request)
void releaseResponder (Responder *resp)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase::~CachedServiceBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

Responder* cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase::createResponder ( const Request request)
virtual Responder* cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase::newResponder ( )
protectedpure virtual
void cxxtools::http::CachedServiceBase::releaseResponder ( Responder resp)

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