#include <tnt/comploader.h>

Public Member Functions

ComponentfetchComp (const Compident &compident, const Urlmapper &rootmapper=Urlmapper())
ComponentcreateComp (const Compident &compident, const Urlmapper &rootmapper)
const char * getLangData (const Compident &compident, const std::string &lang)
ComponentLibraryfetchLib (const std::string &libname)

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerFactory (const std::string &component_name, ComponentFactory *factory)

Member Function Documentation

Component* tnt::Comploader::createComp ( const Compident compident,
const Urlmapper rootmapper 
Component& tnt::Comploader::fetchComp ( const Compident compident,
const Urlmapper rootmapper = Urlmapper() 
ComponentLibrary& tnt::Comploader::fetchLib ( const std::string &  libname)
const char* tnt::Comploader::getLangData ( const Compident compident,
const std::string &  lang 
static void tnt::Comploader::registerFactory ( const std::string &  component_name,
ComponentFactory factory 

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