#include <tnt/worker.h>

Inheritance diagram for tnt::Worker:
cxxtools::DetachedThread tnt::ThreadContext cxxtools::Thread cxxtools::NonCopyable

Public Member Functions

 Worker (Tntnet &app)
virtual void run ()
void dispatch (HttpRequest &request, HttpReply &reply)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::DetachedThread
 DetachedThread (FuncPtrT fp)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::Thread
virtual ~Thread ()
State state () const
 Returns the current state of the thread.
void start ()
 Starts the thread.
void create ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void timer ()
static workers_type::size_type getCountThreads ()
static ComploadergetComponentLoader ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cxxtools::Thread
enum  State { Ready = 0, Running = 1, Finished = 2 }
 Status of a thread. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::DetachedThread
 DetachedThread ()
 Constructs a detached thread.
virtual void destroy ()
 Destroys a detached thread.
virtual void run ()
 Thread entry method.
- Private Member Functions inherited from tnt::ThreadContext
virtual void touch ()=0
virtual ScopegetScope ()=0
virtual ~ThreadContext ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tnt::Worker::Worker ( Tntnet app)

Member Function Documentation

void tnt::Worker::dispatch ( HttpRequest request,
HttpReply reply 
static Comploader& tnt::Worker::getComponentLoader ( )
static workers_type::size_type tnt::Worker::getCountThreads ( )
virtual void tnt::Worker::run ( )
static void tnt::Worker::timer ( )

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