cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType > Struct Template Reference

#include <cxxtools/convert.h>

Inheritance diagram for cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType >:
cxxtools::NumberFormat< CharType > cxxtools::FloatFormat< CharType >

Public Types

typedef CharType CharT
- Public Types inherited from cxxtools::NumberFormat< CharType >
typedef CharType CharT

Static Public Member Functions

static CharT toChar (unsigned char n)
static unsigned char toDigit (CharT ch)
 Converts a character to a digit.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cxxtools::NumberFormat< CharType >
static CharT plus ()
static CharT minus ()

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned base = 10

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename CharType>
typedef CharType cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType >::CharT

Member Function Documentation

template<typename CharType>
static CharT cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType >::toChar ( unsigned char  n)
template<typename CharType>
static unsigned char cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType >::toDigit ( CharT  ch)

Converts a character to a digit.

Returns a number equal or less than the base on success or a number greater than base on failure.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename CharType>
const unsigned cxxtools::DecimalFormat< CharType >::base = 10

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